Seaweed Farmer free diving underwater to look at his Asparagopsis

Who is Fremantle Seaweed?

We’re a team of seafarers passionate about ocean conservation and adventure. We’re committed to combating climate change by growing Asparagopsis along with a variety of other local seaweeds. Our sustainable seaweed is creating waves of change for the planet.

Here's what we believe.

We are the custodians of the deep, and all our actions must be in harmony with the wild blue sea.  From day one, we’ve been committed to sustainable practices that enhance the power and vitality of the ocean.

About Fremantle Seaweed. Seaweed variety used for cattle feed.



fremantle seaweed staff and leader sitting on harvesting seaweed vessel

Chris de Cuyper

A passionate surfer and ocean advocate, Chris realised the potential of Asparagopsis seaweed to reduce ruminant livestock methane emissions as a solution to climate change. Inspired by CSIRO’s development of the Asparagopsis feed supplement, Chris founded Fremantle Seaweed to act now in the fight against climate change.
fremantle seaweed staff and leader sitting on exploration seaweed vessel

Mick Holland

Mick is a horticulturalist, visual artist and irrigation specialist. In a career spanning from the docks of the Fremantle fisherman’s wharf to setting up industrial processing operations and running large commercial and government irrigation contracts. Mick connected with Chris’ vision over a shared passion for ocean conservation and adventure.


Dr. Margie Rule

Principal Phycologist

An expert in marine phycology and aquaculture, Margie focused her PhD studies on the kelp Ecklonia radiata, at the University of Western Australia. With over a decade’s experience, she’s honed her skills in seaweed biology, ecology, and cultivation. Notably, at Sea Forest and Harvest Road, she was instrumental in developing innovative Asparagopsis farming techniques.

Dr. Michael Rule

Principal Marine Ecologist

As an accomplished marine ecologist, Michael earned his PhD in invertebrate ecology from the University of New England. His experience spans diverse marine habitats and sectors, and includes significant contributions to government research. There, he established monitoring programs for various marine assets across Western Australia’s coast. More recently, he contributed to Asparagopsis projects for Sea Forest and Harvest Road, focusing on seaweed farming techniques and data analysis.
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