The Seaweed Solution to climate change.

We’re using sustainable aquaculture to save the ocean.

Since 2020, it has been our mission to grow seaweed to fight climate change and provide a sustainable food source. Seaweed can address two of the biggest challenges of our time – reducing GHG emissions and providing food security for a growing population.

Born from a love of the ocean, Fremantle Seaweed is one of the pioneers of seaweed farming in Australia. Growing Asparagopsis seaweed to make methane reducing cattle feed supplement & a range of edible local seaweed varieties grown in pristine conditions.


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Feeding our Asparagopsis seaweed to cattle reduces methane emissions by up to 80%.

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Our Seaweed helps to clean and de-acidify the ocean by absorbing nutrients and CO2.
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Our ocean-grown seaweed is used for carbon sequestration, organic fertiliser and makes for a delicious snack.

We're committed to being a force of good.

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Invest in seaweed innovation

Dive into growth and sustainability by anchoring at our investment platform. Keep current with our latest seaweed cultivation advancements and join us in creating ripples of positive change in the industry.

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