The Seaweed Solution to climate change.

We’re using sustainable aquaculture to save the ocean.

The ocean is our lifeblood. We’re out on it every day, watching it change with every degree. We’re doing what we can to combat climate change and protect the oceans for generations to come. Our seaweeds are cultivated to reduce methane output in cattle, sequester carbon from the atmosphere, remove pollutants and promote biodiversity by providing a habitat for marine life. We’re committed to being a force of good.


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Feeding our Asparagopsis seaweed to cattle reduces methane emissions by up to 90%.
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Our Seaweed helps to clean and de-acidify the ocean by absorbing nutrients and CO2.
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Our ocean-grown seaweed is used for carbon sequestration, organic fertiliser and makes for a delicious snack.

We're committed to being a force of good.

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