Birchal Crowd Sourced Funding (CSF)

Fremantle Seaweed has successfully raised $1.26M through CSF platform, Birchal. CSF allows private companies such as Fremantle Seaweed to raise investment from retail and wholesale investors, have a broad base of shareholders and advertise their securities offers online.


Our mission

Fremantle Seaweed is an aquaculture company that grows seaweed as a sustainable food source from the ocean and the seaweed ingredient for a cattle feed supplement that significantly reduces methane emissions.

Born from a love of the ocean and a call to action against climate change, Fremantle Seaweed is solving two of the biggest challenges of our time:

  1. reducing GHG emissions, and
  2. providing food security for a growing world population.

Fremantle Seaweed is a company that is solving this challenge through our fully approved 32ha aquaculture lease where we repurpose proven operational technologies from existing aquaculture industries, allowing us to explore various seaweed product opportunities. We have a team that includes one of Australia’s leading seaweed scientists and a track record of proven project delivery. We have been backed by the State of Western Australia with $4M of grant funding which involved a government-level class of due diligence that significantly derisks Fremantle Seaweed expansion project. With these building blocks we expect to scale up production of various seaweed products whilst utilising technology that are designed to reduce operational costs along with identifying future expansion aquaculture leases.

Our mission? It’s all about seaweed grow lines in the water. If we’re going to have an impact against two of the biggest challenges of our time – reducing GHG emissions and providing food security for a growing population, we need more seaweed grow lines in the water.


This is what we have achieved

Fremantle Seaweed has overcome the most substantial barrier to entry, that of a high value operating lease and now, we are increasing production.

It’s been an incredible journey and we’ve achieved a lot since 2020:

  • A great team that includes one of Australia’s leading seaweed scientists.
  • Fully approved 32-hectare aquaculture lease.
  • Awarded $4M WA Investment Attraction Fund.
  • Successful grow out trials for four seaweed species.
  • Successful product trials.
  • Two non-binding MoU to expand our operations in WA and Internationally.
This is what we want to do next

Our recent Birchal crowd sourced funding round will be matched $ for $, up to $4M with an initial $500,000 tranche by our fully executed grant through the State of WA, allowing us to:

  • Increase aquaculture production equipment at our 32ha seaweed farm.
  • Deploy a containerised hatchery facility at a pre-approved ocean-backed lease area.
  • Design a purpose-built seaweed and harvesting vessel.
  • Build and empower our team to solve the operational challenges and unlock research opportunities.
  • Develop our partnerships to increase our portfolio of production assets in WA and internationally.

Fremantle Seaweed is a company that can action the current opportunities in the seaweed industry by developing our operational technologies. The funding will enable us to expand our team and assets whilst we scale up production. The expansion of the Australian seaweed industry is possible through Fremantle Seaweed’s practical approach to aquaculture.