Fremantle Chamber of Commerce – Marine Tales Initiative.

Fremantle Seaweed is a member of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Marine and Engineering committee and was delighted to be a part of the marine tales initiative to attract talent into the local marine industry by providing a pathway into aquaculture.

The greater Fremantle region has been built on the activity of our Port, fishing and marine services. This historic industry offers a wealth of opportunity for young people to forge exciting, diverse and fulfilling careers.

Nowhere else in the world will you find such a diverse fusion of local culture, fresh produce, Indigenous and maritime history, Victorian marked streetscapes, quirky retail, heritage architecture, arts and waterfront experiences, live music, bars, small and hidden treasures – and all centred around a working port, three harbours, and a modern commercial centre.

Ignite your imagination with the opportunity to start your career looking out over a blue horizon. Explore some of the stories of the leaders of the industry in the following marine tales. Imagine yourself in one of the following exciting growth sectors:

  • Marine Biology and Ocean Preservation
  • Maintenance and Shipbuilding
  • Communications and Emerging Technologies
  • Ships, Ferries, Tugs & Charter Boats
  • Port Operations, Trade & Logistics
  • Sea to Plate (fishing, processing, and food production)


Contact Western Australia’s oldest Chamber, the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce, to put you in contact with these business leaders that have each, already chosen to do business in here in Fremantle or find out more about your pathway into this sector. Email: