Fremantle Chamber of Commerce – Marine Tales Initiative.

Fremantle Seaweed is a member of the Fremantle Chamber of Commerce Marine and Engineering committee and was delighted to be a part of the marine tales initiative to attract talent into the local marine industry by providing a pathway into aquaculture. The greater Fremantle region has been built on the activity of our Port, fishing […]

Doing business in Fremantle for social and environmental outcomes.

To offer a truly sustainable solution, Fremantle Seaweed is committed to ensuring the organisation offers a holistic solution that both positively impacts people and the planet. Along with the benefits to the environment, seaweed farms have been proven to deliver extensive social outcomes for communities including employment, income, skills development, community connection as well as […]

Fremantle Seaweed aquaculture lease approved for 32 hectares.

Fremantle Seaweed applied for an aquaculture lease in Derbal Nara (Cockburn Sound) in August 2021 after completing detailed research into the feasibility of growing 15 local seaweed varieties including the red seaweed Asparagopsis that reduces cattle methane emissions by 90% when used as a cattle feed supplement. The aquaculture lease is located on the easternmost […]

Fremantle Seaweed is a member of the Australian Sustainable Seaweed Alliance.

  Article by Catherine Norwood:Source In Western Australia, Fremantle Seaweed is waiting on planning approval for a 32ha marine lease at Cockburn Sound to launch its seaweed farming business. Co-founders Chris De Cuyper and Mick Holland set up the company in 2020 and spent almost a year raising seed funding and gathering the data […]