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We produce a sustainable food source from the ocean and a cattle feed supplement that significantly reduces methane emissions. We have a 32ha seaweed farm that supplies fresh edible seaweeds to the Australian restaurant market through our distribution partner. Meanwhile, our team is at the leading edge of developing the technology and methods to grow Asparagopsis seaweed at scale and we have secured non-binding MoUs to increase operations in Australia and Internationally. Fremantle Seaweed has a diversified model that allows us to capitalise on the attainable market for fresh local seaweed, whilst unlocking the operational technology and assets to deliver large scale production.

When you think of climate change, you probably think of CO2. Methane has 28 times the warming effect of CO2 in the atmosphere. It is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, second only to electricity generation; one of the most common ways methane is released is through livestock burps and farts. 

Every time a cow burps or farts, it releases methane. Cows may emit 150 grams per head per day of methane or over 1.5 tonnes of carbon per year. Their burps make up about 90%, while farting accounts for 5-10% of methane output. On average, one cow produces almost as much greenhouse gas as one car. Livestock is responsible for 14.5% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Asparagopsis is a game-changer for the oceans and livestock. This unique Seaweed contains an active compound called Bromoform that reacts with key enzymes to inhibit methane production and almost eliminates methane emissions from livestock.

We have found that seaweed grown on land requires more energy with a bigger carbon footprint. Our marine lease allows us to grow Asparagopsis with a higher Bromoform content than a land-based system.

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