If we're going to cultivate seaweed, it needs to be done in a way that will help protect and heal the ocean.

We’re cultivating Asparagopsis as a natural cattle feed supplement. When fed to livestock in small doses, our seaweed significantly reduces their methane output.

Targeting methane emissions

Asparagopsis is a red seaweed native to Australian coastal waters. Asparagopsis has been shown in repeated experiments to reduce methane emissions in ruminant livestock up to 80%, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making it an ideal choice for responsible farmers.

Ocean grown seaweed

Our Seaweed licence allows us to grow up to 15 local seaweed species. Each serves a different purpose; Our unique aquaculture works to reduce harmful nutrients, improve ocean acidity and sequester carbon. Our seaweed can also be used as an organic fertiliser, as natural medicinal and food additives and as a tasty snack.

diver diving on a seaweed farm in western Australia wearing a wet suite

Protecting marine Life

Our seaweed aquaculture acts as a fish nursery to promote biodiversity. Seaweed also acts as a ‘bio-filter’, removing harmful nutrients and balancing ocean acidity to protect marine life.